Gef Links

Gef Facebook Group, which I set up shortly after writing the original version of this site. (Though I've since left Facebook, then predictably rejoined.)

Christopher Josiffe's Gef Book website, where you can read about his original research along with reviews of the book. 

Monstertalk Podcast on Gef featuring Christopher Josiffe

Gef the Talking Mongoose - A Visit to Doarlish Cashen (video)

Lemon Demon - Eighth Wonder (Gef immortalised in song)

About Harry Price
Comprehensive website dedicated to Price's life and writings.

Harry Price Interviewed
A wonderful old newsreel featuring Price at his jovial best.

Are you there, Harry Price? 
A fascinating BBC Radio documentary about Price.

About Nandor Fodor

Nandor Fodor
A comprehensive overview of Fodor's contribution to psychic research.

I Psychoanalyze Ghosts
Scan of a 1948 magazine article by Fodor.

Encyclopedia of Psychic Science
Online version of Fodor's Magnum Opus.

Selections from These Mysterious People
Three chapters from Fodor's history of spiritualism, which amply demonstrate both his deep understanding of the subject and his wonderfully deft comic touch.

About Mongeese

Herpestes Javanicus
Factsheet on the Indian Mongoose.

About Poltergeists and Familiars

Concise article summarising typical poltergeist activity and the theories advanced to explain it.

The Bell Witch
A poltergeist outbreak with some interesting parallels to the Gef case.

Witches Familiars in 17th Century Europe
In which Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins uncovers a bizarre menagerie of familiars, including "Newes, like a Polcat".

About Manx Folklore

Manx Fairy Tales
Full text of the 1911 book by Sophia Morrison.

The Folklore of the Isle of Man
Full text of A.W.Moore's 1891 book.

...And Finally, a Talking Cat!

Weird Wednesdays: Whitey the Talking Cat

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