Gef in the Press

A selection of newspaper and magazine articles about Gef through the ages. (Historical press articles are presented here on a non-profit 'fair use' basis, but if you're the copyright holder and would like me to remove them please contact me at

1) Gef in the local press

Feb 1932 - Isle of Man Examiner - Dalby Sensation

An early and largely sympathetic article which portrays the Irving family as subject to some rather unkind bullying from the local youth. At this stage Gef is known only as "The Spook of Dalby" and apparently hasn't yet started taking food from the family. He is portrayed as a purely flesh-and-blood creature, with Jim Irving rubbishing any suggestion of the supernatural.

Feb 1932 - Isle of Man Weekly Times - Truth about the Dalby Spook

Another early article portraying Gef simply as a remarkable animal who "does not discuss the spirit world or give fearful warnings from beyond" but rather repeats gossip picked up from local road workers. Rather confusingly, Gef is referred to by Mrs Irving here as 'Jack', which raises the question of when exactly he chose his name.

Feb 1932 - Peel City Guardian - The Dorlish Cashen Buggane

A rather tongue-in-cheek article portraying Gef in a more supernatural light than the two articles above. Bizarrely, Gef is described as having "a pigs head with great glowing eyes" and allegedly claims to have no stomach (a claim hard to reconcile with his later fondness for chocolate and sausages).

March 1932 - Isle of Man Examiner - The Dalby Spook

A brief article referring rather obliquely to Captain McDonald's investigation.

Jan 2010 - IOM Today - Dalby Spook Mongoose Mystery Back in the Spotlight

A relatively recent article sparked by researcher Christopher Josiffe's interest in re-examining the story of Gef.

2) Gef in the International Press

April 1936 - Hong Kong Telegraph - House Possessed by Mongoose

A rather over-dramatic account of Gef's antics.

3) Gef in the Journal of the ASPR

Two articles written by investigator Nandor Fodor for the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research.
The photo of Gef referred to by Fodor.
(It looks more like a rather plump cat to me!)

Jan 1937 - The Talking Mongoose

Written before Fodor's visit to Cashen's Gap and mainly concerned with a photograph allegedly showing Gef perched on a fence. By this stage, Gef has apparently killed 146 rabbits for the family.

Feb 1937 - The Truth about the Talking Mongoose

Having spent the week at Cashen's Gap without encountering Gef, Fodor is nevertheless convinced of his reality, though as a natural rather than supernatural phenomenon. Fodor also considers the comparison between Gef and the witches familiars of folklore.

4) Gef in Fate Magazine

Fate Magazine 1952 - The History of the Talking Mongoose

Article by Harold T Wilkins for the ever entertaining Fate Magazine. Co-founded by Pulp publishing legend Raymond A Palmer, Fate in the early 1950's was largely concerned with the new-fangled UFO mystery and rumours of ancient subterranean civilisations.  

5) Gef in the Fortean Times

Fortean Times 2011 - Gef the Talking Mongoose by Christopher Josiffe

Gef was the cover star of this issue! Christopher Josiffe has now written a book about Gef.