About Me and Credits

Who are you?

I'm Clifford Malcolm Willett and I live in Norwich, England. I've been interested in Fortean and paranormal subjects since I was a teenager. You can find me at the Fortean Times Forums posting under the name 'Graylien'. I'm also on Youtube here and have a website about high strangeness alien encounters.

Why this Site?

I created the original version of this site back in 2008, when information about Gef on the web was very sparse. The story had always appealed to me since first reading about it in The Unexplained - a massive sprawling partwork magazine still remembered with affection by Forteans.

I was surprised no-one had created a website about Gef's antics and eventually decided that I may as well take a shot at doing so myself. Since then, Gef has undergone something of renaissance and has featured in many of the major paranormal blogs and podcasts. I like to think that my little site played some small part in reviving interest in him.  

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to afford paid web hosting, so after uploading the site to various unreliable free web hosts I've relocated it to Blogger. It's hardly the ideal format, but at least it's reliable and likely to be around for a while.

What are the sources for your information on Gef?

The content for this site is mostly derived from the partwork The Unexplained (Orbis Publishing), Colin Wilson's book The Supernatural, and Nandor Fodor's Haunted People: The Story of the Poltergeist down the Centuries. Rather embarrassingly, I've never actually read Harry Price's The Haunting of Cashen's Gap (apart from a couple of chapters available online) since it's prohibitively rare and expensive. Hopefully one of the paranormal publishing houses will one day re-issue it in an affordable edition.

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